The Art and Fable Story

The Art & Fable Puzzle Company was forged with purpose

Our work began even before our company was fully realized, aiming to expand the audience of hard-working artists and to bring attention to the beautiful illustrations and stories of forgotten fables. Our approach towards accomplishing this goal, was to create premium quality jigsaw puzzles while simultaneously contributing to charity.


Our licensed artists are full of passion and imagination, providing diverse and contemporary images for our puzzles. From our unique selection, you can choose from puzzles that are beautiful, deeply meaningful, and just plain fun! We are grateful for our partnership with these artists, allowing us to bring fine art into your home, onto your table, and into your hands! 

The team at Art & Fable hopes you will enjoy these painted images and illustrated storybook pages transformed into deluxe, 500-piece puzzles.  The art in combination with our distinctive Velvet-Touch surface is the cornerstone of our mission:  to support charities and artists while providing you with a lovely puzzle experience!


So, whether you puzzle with family and friends or prefer inventive solitude, we hope you enjoy your puzzling time with Art & Fable Puzzles!​



Meet the Team


Marcia Durgin

CEO & Founder

Marcia Durgin is the heart of Art & Fable. Durgin was already a successful business owner, the co-founder of Crossroads Bake Shop with her husband, when she started her second family business, this time bringing on her two daughters. As an experienced lover of puzzles, Durgin began dreaming about a puzzle that offered high quality art in addition to being environmentally and socially responsible. Within a year, Durgin worked hard to make her perfect puzzle a reality - contracting local living artists, forming partnerships with charities, and searching for the best manufacturers to help in sharing her dream.
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Adelyne Rizzo

Art Director & Graphic Designer

Adelyne Rizzo joined our team after graduating from the Florence Academy of Art. Moving back to Bucks County, Rizzo began working full-time as a painter in addition to being our creative and artistic director - even sharing her art studio with our puzzle inventory. Rizzo is in charge of the digital design work, enhancing puzzle images and curating the puzzle selection. Her dedication and design experience brings an essential soul to Art & Fable, serving as inspiration behind our support for living artists and our local art community.
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Mei Peng Rizzo

Editor In Chief

Mei Peng Rizzo is our chief editor and content writer. With an editorial eye, Rizzo creates the content printed on each puzzle box and published on our website. Creating artist biographies and ensuring a certain level of professionalism in all of our writing, Rizzo works to convey the beliefs and values of both the artists and our company directly to our customers. As a current student at Northeastern University, Rizzo utilizes her academic background in the research and design of our presentation, creating our voice and putting our sentiments into words.